"How is the festival able to be free of charge?"

We get asked that question a lot.

In 2014, the Duluth Superior Film Festival made the bold (and somewhat scary) decision to not charge any admission to our festival film presentations. We had numerous reasons for why we thought this was the correct choice. Much of it was about expanding our audience and providing access to anyone who wanted to engage with the festival. We felt it took away the risk of attending something new and was a reward to those who supported us when we charged admission.

How can we survive doing this? Donations. Donations from people who come and enjoy the festival events. Donations from local businesses who offer goods, services, and sometimes money. Donations of people's time and energy from our volunteers, donations of engagement, and donations of word of mouth. Donations are how we are able to provide a high quality film festival that does not charge admission.

Please, if you enjoy the festival and you want to see it continue...DONATE.

American Fable   dir. Anne Hamilton

American Fable
dir. Anne Hamilton

Heart of Wilderness   dir. Towle Neu

Heart of Wilderness 
dir. Towle Neu

Hide Your Smiling Faces   dir. Daniel Patrick Carbone

Hide Your Smiling Faces
dir. Daniel Patrick Carbone

Festival Badges:

Although general admission is free to every film screening we put on, we also offer the option of purchasing an All-Access Badge for $30. This gets you priority access to each screening. It's an easy way to support the festival and reduce your time waiting in line!

To purchase, just stop by our information table at the Zeitgeist atrium at any time during the festival.


Festival Headquarters:

The Duluth Superior Film Festival holds screenings, music, and parties at various locations downtown, but we are headquartered at Zinema - Zeitgeist (222 E Superior St). You'll find us set up in the atrium of the Zeitgeist building every day during the festival, so please stop by to ask questions, get a badge, pick up a program, or just say hi!

The Seventh Fire  / dir. Jack Pettibone Riccobono

The Seventh Fire / dir. Jack Pettibone Riccobono