IPR Showcase

Friday, May 31
9:15 PM at Zinema

IPR College of Creative Arts is the Presenting Sponsor of The Duluth Superior Film Festival. Without the support of IPR, the festival would not be possible.

Frost Bite

Frost Bite

Frozen zombies, vampire puppets, buried prisoners, and me-too moments are just a few of the topics in this short film screening. Launched in 2014, IPR College of Creative Arts Digital Video and Media Production programs have quickly become one of the state's strongest producers of quality film and video professionals. This collection of short films, curated by IPR faculty, features work by students, graduates, instructors, and professional program collaborators. The common thread is creative leadership or crew that features IPR students. The screening features work by directors Joe Hegle, Penny Pauletich, Andrew Hunt, Ryan Grams, Nick Hansen, George Widseth, Michael Heagle, Troy LaFaye, and Eric Chan.

EDU Film Festival Showcase


Friday, May 31st
5:30PM at Teatro Zuccone

By putting students together with filmmakers, industry professionals, and post high school educational institutions, the EDU Film Festival introduces the variety of film industry options available in Minnesota. The festival provides a time and place for emerging filmmakers to interact with each other, form friendships and partnerships, and to create a professional network of peers. EDU aims to provide young filmmakers with an authentic film festival experience, a valuable understanding of the film industry, and an opportunity to see their movies play on the big screen.

Experimental Short Film Collection:
Saltless Sea Cinema presents: Something Other


Saltless Sea Cinema is Duluth’s roaming micro-cinema series, screening avant-garde, underground, experimental or just plain rad films and videos. The lights go down while images illuminate and cinema gets real.

Saturday, June 1st
7PM at Teatro Zuccone

SSC Presents: Something Other features avant-garde work by artists creating moving image art outside the boundaries of conventional cinema. The program includes work shot on both video and film, projected on both analog film projectors and digital beamers. This is work made by individual artists or small groups, always with a commitment to the creative act itself. "For avant-garde filmmakers, this work is more important than money, and money has no intrinsic value. What makes life worth living is an engagement with yourself or with what the culture is." -M.M. Sera

Sky Hopinka - wawa

Billy T - Untitled Number 1

Maret Polzine - Truthful Innards

Nik Nerburn - 14 Bales

Allen Killian-Moore - Double Dutchess

Tyler Lauer - The Last Drive In, MN

Justin R.M. Anderson & Blake Romenesko - Light Factory 1

Peixuan Ouyang - Miaoye Critiquing Photography

Laska Jimsen/Jason Coyle - 3/31 6:57

Alan Gerlach - Fremont Winds